bad plum

Have you ever had a bad plumber?

When a plumber shows up, wouldn’t it be nice if he already had the parts to fix your problem? J.S. Baker Plumbing keeps their¬†trucks stocked with most of the parts that are needed to fix routine repairs. With a mobile shop on wheels, parts can be fabricated on the spot. Let the professionals at J.S. Baker show you how plumbing should be done so all you’re left with is a smile. Here is an example of a one-stop visit to install a new water heater. Robert had already bought the unit and it was sitting in the garage. New gas lines needed to be ran and copper pipes had to be rerouted. Within just a few hours the water heater was up and running and no trips were needed to get any supplies because they were already on the truck.

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Blue Finn Drains


I know that when you need to get something done, it just has to be completed. Blue Finn had a new restaurant being built and was counting on the plumbing being done on time so the next phase could start. With many feet of concrete to cut and hundreds of feet of pipe, we tore into it and not only finished before expected but also came under the original budget. This is what we do, this is how we get referralsIMG_20140110_114012 IMG_20140110_114112 IMG_20140110_113952 and this is why my company has the reputation for quality work with no shortcuts.


Every king must have his throne!

With the amount of time a person spends on the toilet you would think it is a throne. The typical person spends just over 3 years sitting on the toilet. Why not spend these years in style with a toilet that is comfortable and enjoy the time. J.S. Baker Plumbing designs newly constructed or remodeled bathrooms and this is where you get to choose your own throne. This bathroom was one of the more recent toilets we installed and the customer was incredibly happy with their new bathroom.Dave's new THRONE

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Make your bathroom more enjoyable

Every person spends about 1.5 years in the bathroom. If your planning a remodel or just starting new construction, take the time to do the bathroom right. From a new top of the line SteamSaunaBath to a functional layout, we’ll help you choose the best plan. There are many choices to make including how many sinks, separate shower and bath and is it time to have a his and hers?

Here is a bathroom that was just completed with a compltely separate sink and vanity for Michelle. No more dealing with her husband and his razor shavings ever again.