bad plum

Have you ever had a bad plumber?

When a plumber shows up, wouldn’t it be nice if he already had the parts to fix your problem? J.S. Baker Plumbing keeps their trucks stocked with most of the parts that are needed to fix routine repairs. With a mobile shop on wheels, parts can be fabricated on the spot. Let the professionals at J.S. Baker show you how plumbing should be done so all you’re left with is a smile. Here is an example of a one-stop visit to install a new water heater. Robert had already bought the unit and it was sitting in the garage. New gas lines needed to be ran and copper pipes had to be rerouted. Within just a few hours the water heater was up and running and no trips were needed to get any supplies because they were already on the truck.


The first thing Robert asked me when I pulled up was “do you have all the parts for this job?” “The last guy came and said he would be right back, that was 4 hours ago!” I assured him we would be in and out and true to my word we finished quickly and Robert brought us lunch and was very happy.

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